Daily Devotional 4-11-19

Renewed Obedience

We show our love for God by obeying his commandments, and they are not hard to follow. 1 John 5:3 (CEV)
We live in a democratic era with much privilege and freedom; thus, when we hear the word obedience the tendency is to look at it negatively; as controlling, commanding and depriving us of our rights. Nevertheless, this is not the case in our relationship with God.
When we love people, we do all we can to demonstrate that love. We act and speak to and about them in ways that make them know they are loved. Parents set boundaries and rules to help their kids become the best. A child might not like a parent’s instruction because they do not see the bigger picture, but as they grow they come to the realization that their parents’ instructions have always been for their good and out of love.
Because God loves us, He has not left us without instructions. His commands are meant to protect, guide, direct and bring the best out of us. Apostle John in today’s text redefines love as obedience. We cannot fully say we love God when we cannot obey His commands. As a child of God, obedience is the natural response of our love with God. In 1 Samuel 15, after King Saul disobeys God’s commandments, the prophet reminds him that God delights in obedience more than sacrifice. As Christians, we do not decide how we live our lives; rather, out of our love for God, we willingly submit to His instruction and obey all His precepts. His commandments are easy, and when we choose to walk in obedience to Him our relationship with Him will be enriched and stronger.
PRAYER: Lord, help us to demonstrate our love for you through our obedience.
REFLECTION: Where is God calling you to obedience in your life? Are there instructions God has given you that you have not yet obeyed? What steps can you take to enhance your love walk of obedience towards God?