Daily Devotional 8-9-19

By Julie White
“Then Jesus explained, ‘My nourishment comes from doing the will of God, who sent me, and from finishing His work.’”  John 4:34
Jesus and the disciples had been travelling and all of them were tired. So, Jesus sat down by a well to rest while the disciples went into the town to find some food. They knew that eating a good meal provides the body with refreshment and strength. When the disciples came back, Jesus was re-energized. They kept offering Him food, but He said He wasn’t hungry anymore. “I have food you don’t know about,” He told them. Then, He began two days of ministry in the town near where they had stopped to rest!
Jesus wasn’t refreshed simply by doing more work. That’s an exhausting way to try to live. He wasn’t refreshed by getting back in touch with the Spirit. No, the Spirit was fully present in Jesus at all times. But, when the Spirit manifested the work of God through Jesus in an encounter with a woman who was at that well where He was resting, He was energized by it. Following the will of God gave Him a Spiritual boost. That’s what happens when The Presence gets stirred up. We get filled with His enthusiasm and His strength.
The food of our spirit is obeying the will of God. We’ve all experienced a second wind; that boost of energy that comes when we’re worn out but then something captures our interest and we perk up. And when we align our hearts with God’s purpose for us, we’re re-energized. We were created to glorify God, so it makes sense that we feel best when we’re obedient to accomplishing His purpose.
That’s why it’s essential to notice the passion(s) God has put within you. That’s the very special area where He designed you to work and build up His kingdom. Our food is to do His will, and whatever His will is for you, following it out of obedience and love for Him will refresh you too and those around you.
Prayer: Father, thank you for the gift of being nourished by doing Your will. Help me notice my passions and employ them for You. Thank you for refreshing me as I live from my heart for Your purposes, for the sake of others.