Daily Devotional 9-5-19

He’s Working On Me 
By Rev. Emmanuel Afful
“I will make you a great nation; I will bless you. And make your name great, And you shall be a blessing.” Genesis 12:2
Our world has succeeded in teaching and shaping our minds to get things done quickly. We have created gadgets and devices that help us to do things at a super-fast rate as compared to the days of old. We are able to achieve a lot within a short time because of these technologies. Life has become fast-paced, and we cannot afford to lag behind. The drive-thru windows at banks, restaurants, pharmacy shops, etc., point to how quick we intend to get things done. And, of course, they are convenient. They make life easier. However, this notion of get-things-done-quickly serves to our disadvantage when we allow it to creep into our spiritual life.
In the text above, God invites Abram into His mission of redeeming the world. And because justice is one of His attributes, God promised to make Abram a great nation. This was the agreement: I will reach the world with my redemption through you, and in turn, I will make you a great person. The key to understanding this promise lies in the word “make.” In Hebrew it means to process, fashion, or produce. With this understanding, we can say, God was going to process, fashion Abram into greatness. This promise to Abram was not going to happen overnight. The method was not going to be microwave, drive-thru, or cut and paste. It was going to take years of processing through various means including Abraham’s own mistakes, decisions, and choices. It would take pains, hurts, disappointments, celebrations, joys and happy moments. In the end, Abraham was going to come out better and great. He would be great not just in possessions, but more so in his character and relationship with God as well as others.
If we are children of God, He is going to work on us to become more like Him. He is going to take time to process us so that we live a God-shaped life, and our hearts are wholly consumed with His love. And, it is going to take all that you experience in life to make you. In Ephesians 2:10, Paul tells us, “We are the workmanship of God…” He is creating something beautiful out you and needs you to cooperate with Him.
PRAYER: Holy Spirit grant me the grace to be patient and humble to be processed into the masterpiece you desire to create out of me.