Daily Devotional 10-8-19

No Longer Strangers   
By Rev. Emmanuel Afful

“Now, therefore, you are no longer strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God.” Ephesians 2:19

One of the critical questions every soul will ask one day is, “where do I belong?” It is a question of security. In a world of increasing patterns of superficial relationships, people wonder if they could ever have a sure sense of security. Who do I trust? With who can I share my secret? Who will know my shortcomings and still respect me? Who can I let into my world and will not define me by what they discover? These questions and many cases of disappointments have led people to build walls around themselves—oftentimes lonely.  

The good news: In Christ Jesus, you belong.

The blessings of the grace of God are far-reaching than we could imagine. Not only did it save us from sin and death but it also offered us a family to belong. In fact, salvation itself is a package that we ought to unpack so we can experience the abundance of life. In today’s text, Paul articulates one of the many blessings of the grace of God. He implies that grace incorporates us into the kingdom of God. We have become citizens of heaven, part of the commonwealth of Israel. We who were once far off, have now been brought near by the blood of Christ (Ephesians 2:13). You have a new family in Christ Jesus! You have a Father who loved you even when you did not know Him. He adopted you into His family through His Son, Jesus Christ. 

We belong to the same family as the saints of old. Think of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, all the prophets, the disciples, including all the women of renown employed by God. Imagine yourself being in the same family with all these. How good is that! And, not just that. You also belong to the household of God—the Church. Now, that may not sound exciting because of all the imperfections in it, but hey, that’s the body of Christ. He’s still working on us. 

I challenge and invite you to live your life from a place of belonging. You can offer friendship to someone who is alone. You can create an atmosphere for someone to feel loved and belonged. You can be a light in someone’s darkness; a joy in someone’s sadness; healing in someone’s pain.

PRAYER: Holy Spirit, open my eyes to see opportunities to make others feel belonged and loved. And, grant me the boldness in offering others the gift of belongingness.