Daily Devotional 2-4-20

Made for Preservation   
By Rev. Emmanuel Afful

“You are the salt of the earth…Matthew 5:13

Salting is the preservation of food with dry edible salt. It is related to pickling in general and more specifically to brining, and is one form of curing. Salt has been used as a preservative since ancient times to protect food against bacteria, mold, and spoiling. However, because of the emergence of refrigeration and other methods of food preservation, the need for salt as a preservative has decreased. 

Plutarch, a philosopher, has an interesting way of commenting on the significance of salt. He says that “meat is a dead body and part of a dead body, and will, if left to itself, go bad; but, salt preserves it and keeps it fresh and is therefore like a new soul inserted into a dead body.” Interesting. So then, salt preserves from corruption. Therefore, if the Christian is to be the salt of the earth, he must have a certain antiseptic influence on life. 

The world has no power on its own to prevent decadence. This is more of a reason for Christians to engage in the public spaces with their antiseptic influence through the power of the Holy Spirit. When the Christian does not shy away from but shines and lives out the values and virtues of Christ, it prevents others from going down a certain wrong path. I was in a meeting recently where a colleague shared an interesting story. She was invited to a party, and when she got there, the party had already started and people were having fun drinking, and doing all sorts of things.  Immediately the people dropped their bottles, and it almost felt the party was over. Her presence was prophetic. It challenged the party fellows to evaluate their conduct. What a way to be a living testimony, when your life is so filled by God that you don’t even have to speak, but your mere presence commands light and darkness varnishes!    

If you are truly living out the Christian life, people around you cannot tell certain soiled tales.  Christ invites us to be the cleansing antiseptic in society. Our presence should defeat corruption and make it easier for people to do good.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father, give me the grace, that my presence in people’s lives would enable them to choose light over darkness.