Daily Devotional 5-13-20

Attitude of Trust 
by Julie White

Why was no one there when I came? Why didn’t anyone answer when I called? Is it because I have no power to rescue?  Isaiah 50:2

Imagine how you might feel if, despite a long history of your faithfulness and devotion, people you loved would not trust you. What if you had always demonstrated great skill and power, but were treated as if you were incapable of handling difficult situations? This kind of slander against your true character would hurt. When someone mistrusts you for no reason, you take it personally.

Yet, this is how we may sometimes treat God. In spite of repeated assurances that He loves us, is taking care of us, keeps His promises, and is mighty to save us, it can take some time for those truths to sink in. People might attribute their difficulty in trusting God to the fact that He’s invisible, but that isn’t the whole story.  We battle with trust because of our old nature and because of our current spiritual enemy. Meanwhile, the most reliable Person in the universe waits for us to have confidence in Him.

He grieves for our self-inflicted wounds and the pain they cause. Having made a move toward us, He anticipates us to make a move toward Him. Not so He can rebuke us, but so He can show His deep love.  And not only does He wait to do so, the sense of the original language is that He longs to do so. He is standing by in anticipation of our response.

God responds to trust. His presence accompanies those who have chosen to have confidence in Him regardless of appearances to the contrary. Even when a desperate situation lingers and tempts you to believe otherwise, He is not too weak to save. Whatever obstacles stand in the way of your trust in God today, choose to trust Him anyway. God takes that attitude personally too, and He loves it.

PRAYER: Lord, I want to respond to you fully. No matter what, I place my confidence and trust in You.