Usually when we think about an “endowment”, we think of things such as sizable gifts of property or cash, bequests, memorials, trusts, or annuities. Often we associate endowments with end-of-life planning, and believe they are something only the very wealthy are capable of doing. That is not necessarily the case. The Aldersgate Permanent Endowment Committee began accepting charter memberships in 2004, and has continued every year since then. The Aldersgate Endowment Society is a means by which every Aldersgate member—regardless of age or income level—can participate in building a legacy of Christian service and commitment that will last as long as there is an Aldersgate United Methodist Church.
The purpose of the Aldersgate Endowment Society is to:
  • Generate interest in our endowment program.
  • Educate the congregation about endowment and various ways the program can be funded.
  • Provide a way that virtually everyone in the congregation can participate.
  • Help in the growth of our Endowment Funds.
Membership is simple and is open to everyone in the Church, including both adults and children. All it requires is a commitment to renew one’s membership once a year. Annual dues are based on the age of the Church—$34.00 in 2010, $35.00 in 2011, and so on. Members will receive a certificate recognizing their status as a member of the Aldersgate Endowment Society, as well as recognition in the church newsletter. Memberships are individual. We hope every member of your family will consider making this commitment to our church’s long-term financial health.
Please contact Sandra Appel, the church accountant, if you have any questions about Aldersgate’s endowment program.
Together we can endow Aldersgate’s future!