International Mission Trips

The Aldersgate Missions Team is happy to announce our next international mission trip to Angel House Orphanage in Tarime, Tanzania, Africa. This trip will be a work trip doing construction on a cafeteria building on campus and require physical labor. There will also be a chance to do some work with the older children at the secondary school, teaching and assisting the teaching staff there. We are planning to leave May 24, 2020, and return June 4, 2020 (these dates could change slightly depending on the airline fares). We will begin taking applications now until February 16th, and can take up to 15 applicants. All applicants must be 16 years old before we leave for the trip. Applicants will need to put a $200 deposit on the trip upon approval of their application. We are estimating the total cost of the trip to be $3,400 for each person. Due to the short amount of time prior to this trip, it will be more self-funded than previous trips, which have been group fundraising trips. All applicants must commit to attend 2 meetings prior to the trip.
Applications are available here or by emailing Gwen Whittit. Please direct any questions or comments to Gwen.
Aldersgate participates in international mission trips on an annual basis. The most recent trip was also to Angel House in December 2018.
In addition to Angel House, previous trips have been to the Bahamas, Russia, Ireland, Costa Rica, the Bahamas, and Haiti. The church has also sponsored Medical Mission trips to the Dominican Republic and Cameroon. Contact Pastor Jordan or a member of the Missions Committee if you are interested in participating.
The pictures below are from our 2018 mission trip to the Angel House Orphanage. The team built a greenhouse by hand, where Angel House plans to grow strawberries to sell and raise money for the orphanage and school in an effort to become more self-sustaining.