Worship Style

In order to allow each of us to encounter the presence of God in our lives, Aldersgate offers several different ways to celebrate worship.
Some may prefer the traditional approach to worship because they grew up with that type of worship experience, or because they like the traditional songs and hymns with piano and organ accompaniment, or because they enjoy hearing the Chancel Choir sing. The Sunday morning services at 8 and 11:00 a.m. are traditional worship services.
Our goal in planning the blended worship service on Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. is to combine the best of traditional and contemporary into a service that “demonstrates a willingness to share in that which the historic church has always found meaningful and expressing these things in currently meaningful ways”*. In Aldersgate’s blended service, you may experience elements of contemporary worship, especially as it relates to style of music, but you may also experience elements commonly found in traditional settings. Each week, the staff “seeks to create a worship environment of order, celebration, musical range, and use of the arts that reaches into the past and finds meaningful expression in the present”*.
No matter what your preference is regarding worship style, we need to remember exactly why we gather together as a family of believers each week: to give glory and honor to the one who provides the way for our salvation, and as encouragement for our thirsty souls.
(*Quotes from Constance Cherry, Reformed Worship, issue #55.)