Bingo Night

Bingo Night is an annual event sponsored by the Children’s Education department. The proceeds go to our summer VBS, Roar. Sign up to attend below. Since Bingo is at both campuses this year, please be sure indicate the campus where you will attend.

Bingo cards are 10 rounds for $3.00, with prizes for all winners. A large one-topping pizza from Pizza Hut with 12 slices is $7.50 , or you may buy it by the slice on the night of the event for $1.00/slice. (“By the slice” is not available for pre-order; it will be first come first served.) Water is provided, and cans of pop are available for .50 each. Please pre-order your pizzas (cheese, pepperoni, beef, or sausage) and pop below. You may bring your payment to the church or pay online or by text, using the “Bingo” option. Checks should be made out to AUMC with “Bingo” in the memo. Thanks!
Bingo night this year is January 25. We will start serving pizza at 6 p.m. Bingo starts at 6:30 p.m., and a nursery is available for 3 and under. Come join the fun!

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Large (12-slice) pizzas ($7.50 each):

Pop ($.50 each):
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Juice ($.50 each):
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