weddings-bride-groomThe service of a Christian marriage is a celebration of the good news of God’s grace. It is a sign of a covenant, in which a couple marry themselves to each other in the presence of God and His community. Aldersgate offers wedding ceremonies both for church members and non-members.

The appointed pastor of Aldersgate is responsible for the proper conduct of all worship services, and presides over weddings in the Aldersgate sanctuary. By Aldersgate Pastor invitation, outside pastors may be invited to assist in the service.

The first step in arranging for a wedding is to contact the church administrator at 316-722-8504, or via email, to determine the availability of the Pastor and the preferred date and time for the wedding. Some dates are blocked due to church activities, and no wedding ceremonies are allowed on Sundays. Saturday weddings must start no later than 4 p.m. Wedding times for other days are flexible and will be reviewed on an individual basis.

Upon approval of the date, time, and Pastor, you will be referred to a Wedding Coordinator.

Planning Your Wedding
Your Aldersgate Wedding Coordinator will coordinate many of the details of your special event in order to ensure a smoother service, including:
  • Meet with the bride and groom to coordinate availability of the Pastor, musicians, custodian, sound, and building use.
  • Attend your rehearsal to acquaint herself with the order of the service.
  • Instruct the custodian on the room arrangements.
  • Open the building and receive deliveries on the day of the wedding.
  • Work during the wedding to help the wedding run smoothly.
  • Direct you to the UMW Wedding Reception.
  • Optionally, will work during the reception (for additional fees).
Aldersgate’s Wedding Coordinator is Linda Stauffer.
Building Use
The wedding party must agree to abide by the guidelines in the wedding brochures, wedding contract, and building use covenant, which you can download below. In summary:
  • Decorations must be approved.
  • The Pastor reviews the music.
  • Protecting the carpets and altar coverings.
  • No tacks or tape.
  • No smoking.
  • No alcoholic refreshments.
  • Petals tossed by a flower girl must be artificial.
  • Only birdseed or bubbles may be used.
  • No flash photography. Videos may be recorded from assigned locations.
  • The bride and groom are responsible for any damage.
Please download, print, and review the appropriate price list for members or non-members, the wedding contract, and the building use covenant. For more information, contact the church administrator at 316-722-8504, or via email.