Adult Sunday School

Please note that some, but not all, Sunday school classes are meeting online. Please contact Ginny Parr for updates.
There are seven great adult Sunday school classes to choose from here at Aldersgate. They meet every Sunday morning, and range from contemporary to traditional. It doesn’t matter which service you attend; there is a Sunday school class that meets before or after it.

8:15 a.m. Classes

The Rise ‘n Shine class meets upstairs in the office staff workroom. They are a diverse and welcoming group who are interested in strengthening their faith through various studies and discussion.

9:30 a.m. Classes

The Agape class is our newest Sunday school class and meets downstairs in room 001. It is made up of adults of various ages, both singles and couples, who like to dig into a variety of faith-related topics and have a good time doing so!
The Faith Meets Life class meets downstairs in room 015. They are a group of mixes ages whose studies vary and focus on how scripture applies to their daily lives and their spiritual walk. They are active in church events, mission, and fellowship.
Family Builders meet downstairs in room 002. They are a group of parents with birth through school-age children. Their mission is to provide Christian fellowship and support for families committed to teaching their children about God, while continuing to nurture their own faith.
The Growth Through Christ (GTC) class meets downstairs in room 013. They describe themselves as being diverse, eclectic, joyful, spirited, inviting, and eager to pursue a closer walk with God. An interesting group of all ages, this class is active in church, mission, and fellowship activities.
The J.O.Y. class meets in the first floor conference room. They describe themselves as a group of senior Christian friends who are “young at Heart, with wisdom” gained by having traveled many of life’s roads.
The Bible in Life (T-BILS)
T-Bils is an informal class of fun-loving adults that meet downstairs in room 003. They study materials related to faith and current events, with an emphasis placed on fellowship and Christian friendships. They are also involved in various missions.