This upcoming season can be a time of wonder and joy, but it can get pretty busy too! Halls to be decked, apparel to be donned, yules to be…tided? It’s so easy to let the entire month of December pass by and totally forget why we celebrate Christmas. So to help us remember Christ this Christmas, we’re hosting an event called “Gingerbread Bash!” on Sunday, December 18 from 5-6:30 p.m. 

This is a fun and interactive experience designed for the whole family! We’re going to build a gingerbread nativity while celebrating the birth of Jesus. More than that, you’ll hear the Christmas story from the Bible, sing songs, play games, and discover the good news of Jesus through candy canes. It’s a truly sweet way for your family to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

Registration is required.  There is limited space, so sign up soon! If there are any questions, please contact Cynthia.


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